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Eyes Envy Traits:

We make the process simple and effective.

Eyes Envy Media is a team of very creative minds and passionate set of individuals whose only aim to deliver the best and magical moments to its Clients. We have our studio, which we have creatively put together, to ensure that our clients walk in to the comforts of the ambiance and the luxury of creating some of the best memories through our photo shoot, videos & theatre workshops.


Our services consist of Corporate Video & photography:

  • Corporate Films
  • Product Photo-shoot
  • Business Video
  • Visual Aids
  • Video Editing
  • Photography

Eyes Envy has a creative team of gifted scriptwriters cinematographers, proficient editors and talented voice over artists who have an in depth knowledge in making creative and innovative films which never detract from the central theme and bring the essence of a company to the forefront sans clichés.

We desire to expand the horizon of marketing strategy with technology and creativity for company benefits.

  • High End Video Shooting Facilities
  • Professional Voice Over and Recording Facilities
  • Linear and Non Linear Video Editing Facilities
  • Quality Control Facility
  • Animation Tools
  • Resource Rich Library
  • Exhaustive Reference Material


“Portraiture is a window to the soul”

We do portraiture and prepare portfolios for men, women and children. Our team is recognized for their fresh style and perspectives that create images celebrating the love and joy of individuals and families. To begin, the photographer will walk you through all your portrait needs. If you’re not sure what you want in your portrait pictures, our photographers will help you choose your dresses, accessories, locations and back grounds to suit your taste. We will also guide you with the right stances and poses that would work in front of the camera.

The openness of our studio provides an opportunity for new customers to enjoy the studio experience and pre-select poses, props and backgrounds while they wait for their session to begin.

The result – a warm and inviting environment enjoyed by the whole family. Part of the fun in any family photo is allowing personalities to shine through. We take pride in getting people to open up and in setting a friendly tone that makes our clients feel comfortable.

Baby Portraiture

We understand what makes a great photograph. Capturing the perfect photograph is as important to us as it is to you. By Capturing every moment from the time tender feet touches your life to the fresh breathe blows his/her first birthday candle, we would give you bundle of memories to cherish.

“Together we can achieve a memorable everlasting work of art.”

Model Portfolios

We aim to project the best possible pictures of yours to stand out from rest by bringing BEST out of you. We work to bring out your ability to portray different characters and personalities. We assure to make these pictures as first step to success of your modeling career. At our studio, we offer you all that goes into making a glamorous portfolio for yourself. Our services include photographing models, designing of your unique model portfolio, studio photography or lifestyle photography of your choice.


“Wedding is celebration of two souls uniting together with love”

At Eyes Envy we add colors and joy to the celebration, by creating lawless captured moments and executing a wedding film that will cherish you for decades.

We don't make wedding videos; we make short films about weddings. We don't relentlessly document every second of your wedding, we tell the story of your day.

We think about your wedding from every possible angle: understanding the logistics and the schedule, connecting about the creative approach and art direction, and-- most of all-- getting to know you. Because our job isn't just to make a wedding film, it's to capture who you are and everything that will make this day one of the best of your life.

What we want you to say when it's all over: “We would be part of best moments of you life”.


Corporate photography is an investment for your brand; view it as a return on that investment. The images have a multitude of uses that can keep returning your investment. High quality imagery is an extremely important part of any businesses marketing goals. It enhances your online presence but will also increase the overall perception of a business, resulting in greater long-term growth. Whatever your marketing concept, we can create flattering, professional portraits that will entice and impress your clients before they even meet you.

Envy Stage

“All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed.”

Do you want to rehearse with artist in you?

Your feet crave to feel stage?

Here is single podium to bring all your dreams to reality. We provide workshop to groom the inner hidden artist in you by training w.r.t to voice modulation, speech enhancement, expressions, and body language.

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Personal Videos

Personal Video are stories told through a video which will capture all your special moments, a nervous thought, a beautiful moment of sharing, a fun moment with friends and a pleasant gestures with relatives.

Our videos create such memories, which you would carry along with you for generations to come. Let it be your baby’s first step, your kid’s first day at school, your loved ones birthdays, weddings & special memorable days, every day which has something you want to remember for ever, Eyes Envy Media will make you cherish it as well through our Videos.

Corporate Videos

The Corporate Film development process can look daunting, but Eyes Envy makes it EASY!

We manage complete development cycle on turnkey basis, from start to finish. Development of the basic concept, writing the voice script, pre-production consultants, shooting in HD and editing, visual effects, rendering and delivering in the format of your choice, post-production services to a wide variety of factual projects – It is all executed seamlessly.

Corporate videos are audio-video aids that reflect the core of an organization. These videos captivate audience, leave a lasting impression on brand & product and depict impressive values that are ideal for marketing as they leave a lasting impression on the larger group of target audience. Information-rich content ideally never ignore the visual nature of the medium in which they operate - quality production and skilled direction can enhance the impact of any corporate HD video film. Creating a brand video completes your branding communication strategy and reveals a company’s true strengths.

Animation Videos

Eyes Envy Media understands that brand identities, advertisements, stories & messages can be passed on to your targeted people through animated videos and keeping this thought in mind, we put a lot of effort on creating some of the best animated videos with some very catchy voice overs.

We understand your concept, your message & your budgets and work out the videos as per your requirements and in time lines you would want it in. Our team has never thought twice before working endless hours to deliver the best of output and on time.

Most of our clients have been from referrals, referred by entities, who have taken our services and have trusted us enough to connect us to their associates, friends and family.


Our Clients are our friends, our trusted ambassadors for our services. We want them to tell you about us, rather than us speaking out our works done so far. We would like to present our very special 3 Clients.

Some of our Clients

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